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The Pet Resort for Pet Lovers
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Only the best for your Pet.

At Tailwinds Pet Resort, we’re not just another dog hotel in Phoenix. We’re a full service Pet resort offering all the basics you’d expect, plus lots of extras you’d normally pay for at other resorts. We’ve developed a comprehensive pricing structure so you’ll know at check in what to expect to pay when you pick them up. Our rates are all-inclusive; so your Pet will enjoy the extra special touches that many dog hotels in Phoenix do not provide or charge extra for. Our objective is to make your Pet as comfortable as possible without stressing your wallet in the process!




We are Pet lovers

Meet The Owner

Our staff offers nothing short of professionalism, care and passion for our clients. We are your trusted pet ambassadors, always greeting you and your Pet with a smile.

As an avid pet owner, I wanted the perfect place for pets, so I constructed a pet-friendly facility and hand-selected a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that loves pets as much as you love them.

Thank you for choosing Tailwinds Pet Resort!

– Holly Utzinger, Founder

The Best Amenities

Everything your Pet needs.

Our amenities include beds and lambskin blankets for all Pet guests, views to flat screen TV’s airing Pet friendly shows. Our staff makes frequent personal visits to each run, ensuring each Pet guest is healthy, happy and well-attended.

Some of the highlights of our special Pet resort:

  • Each building is self-sufficient, with full-service kitchens and laundry service. This allows our staff to spend more time checking on our Pet guests.
  • The entire facility has fire protection and 24/7 monitoring.
  • The entire facility is alarmed and monitored for break-ins.
  • The HVAC system is tied into the monitored alarm system, so if the temperature rises or drops below the settings, a call goes out just as if the burglar alarm is tripped. This allows a staff member to move the pets to another building. This is very important during the unbearably hot Phoenix months
  • Special epoxy flooring system, so our Pet guests don’t have to lie on cold damp concrete. The non-porous finish keeps unwelcomed bacteria from taking residence.
  • Our beautiful building design includes glass block for natural light and copper roofs.
  • Insulated colorful baffle ceilings and round design of the roofs help provide noise control.
  • Our park style landscape features playground equipment and a play pool.
  • Our house food is Maei, a special blend by a local small business.
  • TVs in the buildings play Pet-friendly shows; providing comforting background noise — just like at home!
  • The park area is an artificial Pet friendly lawn so your Pet doesn’t go home dirty and muddy. It is disinfected on a rotating schedule to reduce the risk of communicable diseases.
  • Shade canopies and misting systems so your Pet can lounge leisurely with the intense Phoenix sun kept at bay
  • In a true resort hotel like environment, each building has its own air conditioning system to ensure proper air exchange for healthy, fresh breathing and to reduce the risk of airborne illnesses. With units in every building we are ensured there will always be air conditioning within the facility for the safety and comfort of our Pet guests, even on the hottest of summer days in Phoenix!